IMG_9269Over50s EVRA2017/18
European Veteran Rugby Association
IV European Festival, Siedlce (Poland), september 14th – 18th 2017
E V R A Select XV Team – OVER 50s

To all EVRA Team players

After 2013 (Esztergom, Hungary) and 2015 (Farnham, England)  EVRA put together one international team for European Festival , this time OVER 50s.

The players that responded the invitation of the Team Manager  Marko Protega (GER) and the Coach Guy Quaranta (FRA) and came to Poland  were:

Elio De Anna, Rosario Biunno, Fortunato Oteri – Lucky, Renato Dalla Ragione, Fabio Dalla Corte, Nicola Da Rold, Maurizio Callegari,  Alzetta Pierangelo (all Italy)
Attila Kovacs, Jozsef Herzceg, Balla Michally, Egon Borics, Laszlo Sazbo, Tibor Ban
Denis Velickovic, Goran Trkulja, Nenad Semenov (all Croatia)
Zoran Maslic (Bosnia & Hercegovina)
Thierry Dias (France)
José Redondo (Portugal)

The Team Captain (after 2013 Tihomir Vranesevic, CRO) was Rosario Biunno (ITA) again, after 2015  Festival in England.

In spite of the last minute cancellations (of the reason of vis mayor) of Tihomir Vranesevic (CRO), Antonio Maria De Grandis (ITA), Dragomir Puric (SWE – BiH),

Ilija Krizic (GER – BiH), Antun Stanesic (CRO) we were able to field the Team that played as follows:

  1. Goran Trkulja – Krba
  2. Nenad Semenov
  3. Zoran Maslic, Balla Mihally
  4. Fortunato Oteri – Lucky, Laszlo Szabo
  5. Denis Velickovic – Kirbi
  6. Elio De Anna
  7. Thiery Dias
  8. Rosario Biunno
  9. Jozsef Herczeg
  10. Fabio Dalla Corte
  11. Tibor Ban, José Redondo, Alzetta Pierangelo
  12. Attilla Kovacs,
  13. Egon Borics, Renato Dalla Ragione
  14. Nicola Da Rold, Maurizio Callegari
  15. Lastlo Szabo, Fortunato Oteri

Oposition teams were:

Polish Old Boys Over 50s – two matches 15.IX 5:5 and 17.IX 0:0

Festival Europe Team Over 50s – one game 15.IX  5:0

EVRA delegated Andrew Stevens (Netherlands) for the refereeing the Festival games and the Organisers accepted him as the part of “Referees panel”

Andrew whsitled one EVRA game and five other games, each of two playing days.

At the Festival Gala Dinner following prizes had been awarded to the members of EVRA delegation:

EVRA Association – Festival plague, Plague “Rugby-Friendship.Fun” from ORB Odessa Veterans from Ukraine

EVRA Select XV Team Over 50s – Festival plague

Elio De Anna – “Master of Rugby” sculpture

Andrew Stevens – Prize as “The best Festival referee”

Marko Protega – Silver badge of Polish Rugby Union with  Honour Membreship, (Member Nr. 427)

The plan for 2018 is to take part with EVRA Select Team at 25th Anniversary Tournament in Auterive (France) on May 19th.

Conditions of EVRA participation had been given to Guy Qaranta, Team Manager of Les Lougauros Veterans (from Auterive).

The conditions are: EVRA players will bear flight/travel costs to Auterive and back,

Les Lougarous Auterive to bear  three overnight stays (Hotel B/B) May 18th – 20th for 22 persons (players & officials).

EVRA will need the response by the end of this year to be able to organize the Team for France.

Marko Protega, Team Manager

E V R A Secretary


Heidelberg, September 22nd 2017